About Our Gourmet Chocolate Goodies

Chocolate lovers will be thrilled for having found this page. Our chocolate goodies are able to satisfy even the […]


About Us

SINGLE BATCH      ~     LOCALLY MADE     ~    ALL NATURAL Katy Priore, founder of bark chocolate, makes […]



TESUQUE TOFFEE Honey Toffee and Smoked Sea Salt (72% dark chocolate) RED HOT MAMA White chocolate and dark chocolate […]


About Our Gourmet Chocolate Goodies

Chocolate lovers will be thrilled for having found this page. Our chocolate goodies are able to satisfy even the most demanding individuals who know what to look for in a chocolate bar. With us, you’ll never need another chocolate goodies supplier ever again, as we can offer you the top-notch products you’ve always wanted.

We master the art of making delicious chocolate, with or without milk, with or without nuts or dried fruit. We know how to mix and match various ingredients to create exquisite tastes you’re going to fall in love with at the first bite. Our product range includes traditional chocolate items such as plain bars and candies, but also various novelty products our inspired experts have created to please your taste buds.

We’ve got chocolate in any shape and color, suitable for any occasion or special event. If you need some edible toys to decorate your Christmas tree, you are welcome to browse through our winter collection of chocolates. Check out the assortment of chocolate specialties with cinnamon, mint, chili, and Himalayan salt. The winter edition also includes some varieties with candied orange and ginger. There are enough flavors to satisfy any taste. Get a bunch of chocolates from us and you’re going to put a smile on the face of all the guests around your dinner table. Besides, you could use these chocolate goodies as Christmas gifts to your friends and family, Who wouldn’t love to get such an appealing gift? Even your grandmother will love you more.

If you are a small business owner seeking to get a supply of sweets to sell to your clients, you should take a closer look at our goodies, as they may be exactly what you need to make people love your shop and come back for more of the tasty stuff on regular basis.

We use only the most advanced equipment and the finest ingredients to make out chocolates. Our experts have been trained in Switzerland, in the country of the finest chocolate in the world, so you can rest assured they know how to obtain the exquisite taste of the real stuff. We supply our cocoa beans only from reliable sources, as we are aware of the importance of using only high-quality ingredients. We take pride in rejecting any compromise. We’d rather have lesser profit than compromise on the quality of our products. We can safely say that we sell chocolate at its best.

Our state-of-the-art chocolate machines from Apexmeco are the primary reason why we produce high-quality chocolates. Each batch of chocolate that we produced was subjected to a strict quality test to ensure that their taste, texture, and appearance are consistent.

Those of you who want to try before they buy are invited to our tasting events. Just keep tabs on our website, so that you can book your seat to our next tasting event. As space is limited, we can’t take everybody in, so we employ a first come first served policy.

Feel free to browse our website, to choose your goodies and to place your order online. This is the most convenient way of shopping. Thanks to our fast delivery service, it is also the most efficient way to get our chocolate goodies on your table.

Researchers found out that natural cocoa contains the highest capacity of antioxidant procyanidin that is effective in cancer prevention, heart disease, and stroke prevention. Check out this link to know more.